Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Whatsapp with Digi SmartPlan

The day for "free sms" has come, that's for those who doesn't know Whatsapp. For those who knows, that day already here.

Whatsapp is a mobile application which allow users to send sms to the others who has installed whatsapp aplication, through internet. Whatsapp is a paid application on iPhone iOS, and free (for now) on Android system. Whatsapp is not really free, because it use your mobile internet (or Wifi) to send message. 

It will be very much cheaper sending message through whatsapp or similar application. Who still want to send SMS which cost 10-20 cents each? Is time for the mobile operators to think over on their sms charging rate, may be 1 cent sounds more reasonable.

Digi came out with a DG SmartPlan prepaid, which allow user to send Whatsapp message for free. The usage on Whatsapp is not included into the mobile data quota. The package came with free mobile data, free talk time and free SMS (and MMS), depends on the top up amount.

For example, top up RM50 came with 1Gb data, 100 minutes talk time and 100 SMS. It can be accumulate, but there is a limit for the accumulation. Unfortunately switching from current prepaid plan to DG SmartPlan prepaid is still unavailable.

What does it means for Digi and other celco operators? The expensive SMS rate has come to an end. Even SMS may never dead, but more and more mobile users are using whatsapp (or related application) to send message.

Mobile operators must change their strategy. Since Digi has no bill shock for mobile internet (no extra charge when exceed quota), provide a package with bundle free whatsapp has very low impact to their existing strategy.

This is not just a SmartPlan for users, but a smart marketing move for Digi too.

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