Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Discover Waze 2012

Waze is a community base turn-by-turn navigation mobile apps, available on both iPhone iOS and Android platform (on few other platform as well) for free.

I have heard of this application for quite sometime. Since I am not driving that frequent recently, I never try out the application. Until I travel to Penang last weekend with some friends, it suddenly came into my mind, why don't I take this opportunity to test the application?

It works. I don't have high expectation to GPS navigation software, especially when it is free. Waze just works for the 2 days driving. My friend is driving, I am just checking is Waze providing the correct navigation instruction or not.

Is fun. Is fun to travel with Waze. Since it is a community base, users on the road report real-time situation on the road like slow traffic, road block, accident etc. Drivers can route to other road to avoid heavy traffic.

Waze link to foursquare to search for target destination name. This is the powerful of community base software that TomTom and Papago can not compete.

There are a lot of other features came with Waze, like driving with group, chat with other driver and etc., which I didn't try out one by one. Too many features just make the users confused. What I need is just a navigation software which are working, and Waze did the job and fit my needs.

For Waze is just a community base application through driving. Is a fun driving with Waze, the only drawback is it will drain your mobile battery if you do not have a car charger for your smartphones.

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