Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Smartphone not just change the mobile market when iPhone came in in 2007, it also affected the PC market when tablet came in. I just want to cover a little bit the mobile phone market.

Samsung will grab the smartphone market. if you think Samsung already does that, they will grab more out the current market, with their Galaxy S3 and Note II, especially from iPhone.

For those who has not using smartphone now, they still need to take some time to adopt the change. I notice a lot of the existing smartphone users switch to Note II, majority for its large screen display.

Samsung claims that they have sold 5 millions in 2 months time, before the end of 2012. The figure will continue to surge as in 2013.

I just has a feeling that HTC is next SE (Sony Ericsson), SE is next RIM and RIM is next Nokia.

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