Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deep green Digi office

I heard Digi has an open office strategy, the employees have no permanent working desk, they sit anywhere they like as long as the desk is available. Their working desk has no partition, every employee was issued a notebook, so they can work mobile at anywhere in the office.

I have a seminar at Digi office, Shah Alam Hi-Tech Park. Digi is another well managed company, the staffs are well informed about the event. Not much questions about these outsiders who are going to attend the event. There are staff around to assist you from the entrance to the parking, from the parking to the event hall. The Digi staff bring us around for an office tour. Finally I have a chance to see it with my own eyes.

cafe at digi office
Digi has a beautiful office, this is the cafe.
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Digi has a large and beautiful office, good enough to make you feel comfortable working there. Other than the open office strategy, they practice green working environment. Digi promote paperless office, do not print on hard copy if not necessary. Digi practice rubbish recycle in the office. Digi promote car pool, car pool will have priority for a covered parking lot.

As Digi staff told me, Digi not just promoting a green environment, but try hard to improve and promote environment as much as they can. Well done Digi!

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