Wednesday, June 22, 2005

openedhand, yet another small open source company

pdaAfter working on matchbox project(originally host on for some times(about 2 years(?) ), matchbox finally catch Nokia's eye. Nokia funded the creator Matthew Allum to continue working on the project.

Matthew started a new company--openedhand to work closely with Nokia, take a look at Nokia Internet Tablet. Matthew told newsforge, his company currently employ 4 full-time developers, and hiring more.

Matchbox is a very well written piece of software, it has a right goal and design in mind, small, light-weight, no dependency of other libraries but xlib only, simple and clear. When I found this window manager on, I just love it.

The Nokia N770 Internet Tablet seems like a interesting small device which run Linux OS. It came with WiFi and bluetooth support, seems like it is not available in the market yet. If this Nokia device is continue in the future, it will direct compete with Palm's LifeDrive.

Nokia 770, internet tablet.

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