Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sun Fire V240

firefoxIs hot, the weather. Almost a week I didn't surf the net, spending the saturday to read my email, and catch up with the IT news. Finally I saw the V240, is a 2U affortable Sun machine. Is about USD 7k, it says pre-install with solaris 9 on the website, the one I am using now is installed with Solaris 8. Those program that I compile on the old Ultra sparc 2 take me 5 to 10 minutes, when I compile on the V240 is just about 20 seconds, wow!. gcc (ver. 2.8.1) just take less than 5 minutes to compile. There is a cheaper version of 1U server, V210 about USD5k, good enough for many user, or you want the AMD Opteron processor, there is V20 series 1U server, you have the choice to choose Solaris, Linux or Windows operating system, selling about RM10-13k. Who says that Sun is expensive? Sun is expensive if you compare it with intel hardware, but since sun machine came with its stable solaris operating system, you pay for the stabality and services.

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