Thursday, June 30, 2005

Two big move from Sun

firefoxCan't fall at sleep at late night so read some IT news. Two big move for Sun: work together with IBM on Java, JDS (Java Desktop System) focus on Solaris only, not (emphasize) on Linux anymore. IBM play 2 role on Java, on one side, they are Java supporter. From Websphere and Eclipse, you know it. On the other side, they are sun's biggest competitor on Java Application Server (Websphere vs Sun ONE Application Server) and Java IDE (Eclipse vs Sun ONE Vision Studio). IBM and Sun announce work together on Java on Sun Java One conference, this is a good news. JDS is Sun's Desktop environment base on gnome, which base on Linux originally. recently Sun announce JDS will focus on Solaris only. Sun always so proud of their Solaris operating system, the up coming Linux did have some impact on Sun's solaris, because they both are unix like base operating system. Earlier Sun have dangling opensouce policy for the pass few years, finally they have made up some decision, is not a good news for Linux community, but seems like is a unavoidable move for Sun.

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