Friday, September 23, 2005

Palm ppp to os x

palmSpending few hours of trying and trying, finally I am able to connect my Palm PDA to the internet through OS X system, using the usb-serial cable. I follow the macoshints website, setup a pppd on os x, but it always give me a DNS error on palm. I miss out ms-dns option in the pppd script.

Later I try to connect ICQ and GoogleTalk using ICQ for palm and jabberpalm, but no luck. I can't connect using both of the palm client, is already 4am in the morning, so will try next time.

I am able to connect to the mobile version of yahoo mail. wap for yahoo. (Sony Ericsson T610 can direct connect to this yahoo wap site) google pda.

I should blog the method for palm connect to the internet through serial and pppd script, on both windows and os x platform.

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