Saturday, September 17, 2005

Where is my category?

palmI try to sync my Palm PDA data to Yahoo, using IntelliSync. I just want to sync my Palm's memos, so I disable all sync option except memos in Palm Desktop (v4.0), but the memos sync nothing to my palm desktop.

I try to install the version 3 which came with my Palm Vx, but it can't launch the old version of the Palm Desktop on my XP properly, so I have to use the version 4.

Since the Palm Desktop v4 can sync my address book, I want to give it a try, to sync the address book to Yahoo. I have done it before with IntelliSync and it works, but I have forgotten exactly which version.

This time I make a small mistake, after I have installed the IntelliSync it change my setting, enable all the sync option that I have already disable earlier. Worst thing is, it deleted the category setting of my expenses, and all records group as 'Unfiled'.

It happened before especially when I do the 1st sync on the new version of Palm Desktop. Last time it deleted my Address book's category, and now is Expenses. Too bad.

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