Sunday, January 01, 2006

How to package OS X software

darwinMake OS X package using the package maker, is just as easy as 123, only one problem, after install I can't uninstall it using OSXPM. My current version is 1.x, there is a newer version 2.x, may be that works better.

The following shows the steps on how to create os x software package, I use startool (just replace with hello world) as an example. You can tried the OSXPM (an open source software), to create os x package.

$ make stage/bin stage/share/man/man1
$ cp drawfeed stage/bin/.
$ cp drawfeed.1 stage/share/man/man1

2. run os x package manager, in

3. Descriptions, you know how to do it.

4. Files, just put in the stage directory in Root field

5. Info
Default Location is /usr
Authorization Action is "Admin Authorization"

osx package maker

6. Create package, then is done.

install startool

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