Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Invalid time zone

I went home with LRT today, why? I left my car key in the office.

I am browsing Kennysia.com in the office before I left. Kenny Sia is so funny, I only take a better look at his blog today, seem like he is a popular blogger.

Albert came back to the office five minutes after he left, because he left his car key in the office. He ring the telephone in the office, because he couldn't came in, seems like the electronic lock is having some problem. He says, "Luckily you are still here." I am the only one who still in the office.

I stay until almost 8pm, and suddenly feel like leaving and go for a dinner. I make sure I shutdown my PC, off the lights, before I leave, unfortunately I forgotten to bring my car key too, only found out after I lock the door.

I tried a few times, the device is showing, "Invalid time zone" and the door is still lock. Finally I decided to walk to LRT and go home with public transport today.

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