Saturday, January 14, 2006

Upgrade TnGo card

touchngoI heard from radio few days back, Touch 'n Go user need to upgrade their card before 15 January 2006, this is to tighten the security of the card. Seems like Touch 'n Go didn't do a good public announcement for the upgrade, many card owners didn't know about the upgrade, and doesn't know what to do.

If you doesn't know what is a Touch 'n Go card, is just like a cash card with credit to pay for tolls, car park fees, train and bus fees.

touchngo card

Some people told me, the card will be automatically updated when you top up your credit, but not through ATM (like Maybank) machine. Some people told me, you need to request the counter to do the update while top up your credit. I was confused.

I tried to call the Touch N Go office for the pass two days during office hour, but there is no one pick up the calls. I go the their website, but don't find much information about it, but I found their e-statement services, which you can register for free (since October 2005) using the card serial number.

I have register an account, and waiting for the its reply, hope is not like their telephone services.

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