Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everything is just something

I found out I can use my Gmail web site to send instant messenger to Google Talk application. If the browser support Macromedia flash, it will show you the chat option on the Gmail web page.

gmail google talk
Google talk in Gmail

I find it interesting, but my friend told me, is nothing excited, his colleague can send message to MSN through web too.

I told another friend, skype bought by eBay for 2.6 billion. My friend told me, skype is just VoIP and peer to peer technology, is nothing special.

I told the other friend, watch out for because it has a lot of potential. Then he told me, is just online Yellow Pages... Ya I think Google is just search engine, AdWords is just online advertisement.

ICQ is just instant messenger acquired by America Online for $287 million USD in cash.

hotmail is just webmail sold to Microsoft for $400 million USD.

I think these 'is just' company is worth look into it.

Why working so hard every day but still complaining, invest in stock market for extra income? and not working on something which is just something and sell it to those cash rich company? Simply they are not just something.

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