Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RedTone sell Mobile Money International

Just talking with friends on Redtone and Mobile money during lunch time. Later my friend show me theSun newspaper, RedTone sell its 93% of Mobile Money stake for MYR14 million cash to Lee Eng Sia (managing director of Mobile Money) and Kuok Group (Robert Kuok, single largest share holder of RedTone).

RedTone will receive another MYR15 million to 25 million over a 10-year period, for intellectual property rights to Mobile Money.

The buyout is subject to shareholder approval.

I don't see any mobile money around, and anyone is using it. See what others talk on RedTone and mobile money here.

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Business Times.

updated:2006-03-29 12:31:28 MYT
(吉隆坡訊)立通國際(REDTONE,0032)建議以1488萬令吉現金脫售旗下流動錢包國際私人有限公司(MOBILE MONEY INTERNATIONAL)的1395萬股或93%股權給李榮城和郭氏兄弟集團。 SinChew JitPo.

ChinaPress Mobile money news.

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