Sunday, May 21, 2006

Breakfast gathering

Is a long long time I didn't meet those open source friends.
Finally I organize a free and easy breakfast (lunch) gathering, with Linus Lai (and Jessica) and Yeak (with Patricia and Jonathan), in Bukit Jalil Golf Resort Oriental Pearl Restaurant. We have Dim Sum there.

Is quite a nice place for gathering, no so crowded, very comfortable, we enjoy the food and talking there. Linus Lai show his work he done last night, install Mac OS X on a Acer Intel notebook, you can check out from his blog, but no screen shoot, may be he is just lazy.

We decided to start working out something for the local open source community here, not sure what to do yet, so call for gathering again, next week friday 9.00pm in Sri Petaling.

No photo, too bad.

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