Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google ads one step further

My friend ask me a tough question, "How to make money through website?"

I give an easy answer, online advertisement.

"Other that that?", that will be difficult to answer, because even online advertisement can not guarantee you will make money.

Ten years ago, I heard my friend talks about double click, show me how good it is, what a bright future it has... bla bla bla, until Google cames in. How could he imagine such a company like Google will appear?

You can not imagine text base advertisement is more effective than a banner style advertisement, more effective than pop-out advertisement. Luckily I don't have to argue with you, because Google prove it.

A lot of my friends still asking me, is Google putting advertisement on its website? Why I didn't know about that? Without your notice, Google already making lots of money out of its online advertisement. Google give online services for free, what do you think their 100 billion market value came from?

Google is not the first company who sell online advertisement keyword, Overture (acquired by Yahoo in 2003) has been doing it much earlier. You know about Google and not Overture, simply Google has a better brand name.

Google online advertisement provided by AdWords and AdSense web services. One of the most valuable piece of AdWords and AdSense is the software application by Google, it provide an automated service for those who want to advertise and for those who want to make money out of Google ads. By just a few clicks and not technical knowledge, you can integrate Google ads into you personal website or blogs, and Google will share the ads profit with you.

Recently Google sign up with more than 50 newspaper including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, to sell advertisement space on traditional newspaper through online, Google is expanding it to some radio station too.

Please don't be surprised Google ads is everywhere, on every bus, every taxi/cab, every corner, every pillar, Wow! You will be surprised.

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