Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What a simple plan

No doubt DiGi has a very good marketing plan for it mobile package, no wander it's share price soar from RM4 to more than RM10, even higher than its long time rival Maxis. Maxis is still the leader now, but things could be changing.

It starts from pre-paid SIM pack. DiGi pre-paid selling at RM8.80 (now is RM8.50), it came with a RM20 talk time, Maxis hotlink follow DiGi foot step, selling with a cheaper price at RM8.50. Compare with RM88 a few years ago, pre-paid sim card never been as low as this price before.

DiGi is the first mobile telco came out with pre-paid services, then Maxis came out with its hotlink services. DiGi pre-paid top up value is flexible, it even can top up with RM1 value.

You though DiGi pre-paid packaging is good? It's post paid package is even better. Do you notice DiGi advertise it's 1 low flat rate, very frequent on newspaper and TV? I always confuse with those mobile telco charges, this sounds much better.

DiGi came out with other new call rates as well. RM0 call between family line, and is all free call from DiGi to DiGi number, once your call charges are above RM123. Monthly subscription for DiGi post paid is just about RM10 to RM20.

Maxis, DiGi and Celcom have unlimited data access package, about hundred RM per month, once you subscribe to the package, you have to pay every month.

DiGi give you an option with some flexibility, you can paid per used (about RM0.10 every 10K, which is very expensive), and once you data charges reach RM149, is all free. Getting confused? Even without subscribe to data access package, is still an unlimited access plan, but rate are higher, at RM150.

People use Maxis because they said Maxis coverage is better, but I believe things will changed.

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