Thursday, July 03, 2008

DictCN dictionary plugins for Firefox

I found another Chinese dictionary plugins for Firefox, it work with the latest Firefox 3.x, is DictCN.

DictCN, dictionary plugins for Firefox

When you move the mouse cursor to the english word it will display the explanation as floating tips display, it support simplified chinese and traditional chinese. It support english audio as well. It can be configured by the right click on the 'D' icon at the status bar as well.

I think is a good replacement if you don't like Oak dictionary.


jlchannel said...

If you install Google toolbar, then you will have the same features :)

fuyichin said...

I have Google toolbar installed, the software is good, but I don't really need except for the dictionary function.

So I find a replacement, and trying to uninstalled the Google toolbar.