Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunway Aeroline bus station

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This morning send a friend to Aeroline bus station at Sunway, my friend is taking the Aeroline bus to Singapore. The Sunway bus station is the latest Aeroline bus station added on the existing 4 station.

Aeroline is a luxurious bus service from Malaysia to Singapore, the ticket price is slightly more expensive than the normal bus to Singapore. The Aeroline Lite single deck coach cost RM60(SGD40), double deck coach cost RM80(SGD47). Can book online, through Malaysia Aeroline website, or Singapore Aeroline website. Ticket can be purchased through Aeroline bus stop ticket counter as well.

Aeroline lounge.
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My friend recommended me to take the double deck coach, is comfortable. The bottom deck is a small lounge, passenger can take a tea break and chit-chat with friends there. The lounge provide power socket for passenger to charge their mobile phone or work with their notebook, but not confirm WiFi service is available.

There are a few Aeroline bus stop in Malaysia. Other than the Sunway, is Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Utama and Petaling Jaya. The bus stop is not at Pudu bus station or KL Sentral, but is strategic location. In Petaling Jaya is at Menara Axis, near Asia Jaya LRT station. In Kuala Lumpur is in-front of Corus hotel, opposite of KLCC, just two blocks away from Avenue K.

The Sunway Aeroline bus station is located at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, just opposite of Sunway Lagoon water park. We reach there early so I take a look at the office and passenger waiting room. Is a new office, clean and comfortable, the waiting room is spacious, with instant coffee provided. If you are boring you can watch TV or surf Internet with their free WiFi.

I think is a totally different experience with taking long distance bus in Kuala Lumpur Pudu bus station, which is crowded and messy.

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