Saturday, July 26, 2008

Interesting Internet company logo

A brand name is recognize by its name, icon, color, and how they write their company or product name.

There are some interesting logo about Internet company.

Yahoo & Google
Yahoo! originally use red color, and now purple. Google use multiple colors. The 2 fonts which used by Yahoo and Google is different.

Yahoo normally ended with a exclamation mark, font looks a bit like cartoon style, and the words are not align horizontally.

Google font with little 3D effect and very light shadow.

If you mix Yahoo and Google logo together what it will looks like?

Google in Yahoo style

create by

Yahoo in Google style
created by funny logo


Delicious logo is a square with four color, simple and nice. Website name separated by dot, it becomes a very unique way to write their name, even though is hard to remember where to put the dot.

When Yahoo acquire delicious, delicious started with y.ah.oo! in their blog post announcement.

Flickr use blue and light red colors, the blue color is normally in front, last 'r' is red color.<

Flickr ended with a 'r' without vowel, application which related to flickr use similar name like
fastr, a flickr game
flippr, flickr wallpaper
retrievr, expose flickr photos
mappr, tag flickr photo on the map

iPhone icon
iPhone icon is a square with round corner, with bringht, sometimes mirror-like or glossy color.


Twitter use blue and white color. It use a small letter 't' which doesn't cross through. Twitter sometimes show little bird in their website, normally simple use the 't' to represent Twitter. The emoticon 'o_O' seems to be used quite often in Twitter too.

Twitter and Apple

Apple on twitter

twitter on Apple iPhone

Do you find the difference? iPhone icon will have round corners.

Web 2.0 internet company is creative with their logo as well.

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