Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Microsoft "New Efficient" (Windows 7) event at KLCC

Just came back from Microsoft Windows 7 event. Other than Windows 7, Microsoft introduce Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010. I am just interested in Windows 7 only.

The first session is from 9am to 11.30am, more on marketing talk, a bit lengthly. Microsoft partners and a few of their customers talk about the success case on implementing these few new software system.

Windows 7 is easy to use, easy to deploy, with advance power management software, and a few others advantages. I will not believe it until I try it myself, luckily everyone who return back the evaluation form will get a Windows 7 90 days evaluation copy.

Everyone likes free gift, technical people are responsive with free gift.

Q&A with free gift
Correct answer came with a free gift
(when is my turn?)

Why? Because technical people (including software developer, administrator, network engineer, support...) are poor. Long working hours, short break, a lot of work, but very little pay. So technical people have to try their luck at technical company's public event.

Luckily these technical company are generous, they give out books, bags, software, training vouchers, computer mouse and NOTEBOOKS! Really they give out few notebooks as free gift this time. You register the event, you are entitle for lucky draw, you pass back feed back form, get lucky draw, you tweet (about the event), you get lucky draw, you answer question, you get free gift.

There are free gifts, free drinks, unfortunately there is no food provided, no breakfast, lunch or refreshment. This is the only IT event that make me feel really hungry.

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