Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A complain on DiGi call center

You don't call to get your problem solved, you need to go to the service center, show your sour face, bang the table and get your problem solved.

This time I want to complain about DiGi call center.

I have some enquiries for my phone bill. Since I can't go to the DiGi center, I call to the help center.

"I suppose to have rebate for my data charges, but it doesn't shown on the account statement, can you check it for me?"

"When you subscribe, it doesn't have the data rebate plan yet."

"Can you check when I subscribed? The rebate plan should be available."

"No. The rebate plan is not available yet when you subscribed."

"I subscribed last december, the offer should be available."

"Oh, you already have your phone rebate, so you will not have data rebate."

"But your representative told me I will have both offer, that's why I subscribe to the plan."


"Ok. Since you know I have my phone rebate, but it doesn't shown on my account statement as well."

" [err...] if you still have the receipt, you can go to the nearest DiGi center ..."

Wow, wow, wow... now you know something really go wrong.

Since DiGi have all my information, and they should know something must have gone wrong, why can't they just report the problem, and get back to me?

The call center support always speaks in polite tone, but polite tone doesn't means polite. I think anyone can be help desk, if you know how to answer, "You can go to the nearest DiGi center."

You have to go the DiGi center, bang the table, show your anger, to get your problem solved.

No. You don't have to bang the table. You bang the table just to release your pressure. Go to the DiGi center, they will solved the issue, I believe.

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