Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It must be an Apple Tablet

Some of my friends ask me, what is the next Apple product? Will it be a tablet?

It must be a tablet.

Techcrunch and macrumors reported that France Telecom executive "confirm" that.

I am just curious how Steve Jobs going to present it. What is the size of the device? 10 or 12 inch?

What so special about tablet? Tablet is everywhere at CES, but tablet from Apple does matter. Even we all know that is tablet, we want to know what's so special with Applet tablet. Is it something which surprise us like iPhone?

May be Amazon should start worried now. Some people say that tablet can be a good ebook reader, just like the Amazon Kindle.

Apple may start selling ebooks online. There are news reported that Apple start talking with HarperCollins and other book publisher.

Is so natural that Apple sell books online. Apple already have music store, app store. They sell music, movies, TV program, application online. Selling books are just one step away.

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