Thursday, June 24, 2010

iOS 4 upgrade and iBooks application

iBooks application is available on App Store for iPhone (and iPod Touch).

winnie the pooh
iBooks - Winnie the Pooh, on iPhone iOS4

To install the free iBooks application, update iPhone/iPod to iOS 4. iOS 4 is available for free download as well.

To update iOS 4, need iTunes 9.2. Here is my problem, on my old PowerPC G3, I was not able to update iTunes to 9.2 through system software update.

Luckily I was able to download it from Apple support manually, and install on the iBook G3, even it stated that some of the functions need G4 CPU.

The iOS 4 update process is easy (as usual), just click the update button, iTunes will do it all for you.

After update to iOS 4, having problem restoring the data from iTunes for the first time. I just turn off (totally, by holding the on/off button for few seconds) the device, switch on again (with the cable connecting to the PC/Mac), everything just work fine.

What new in iOS 4?

iPhone Multi-tasking (some people comment that is not true multitasking.
Camera improvement.
Change background picture.
Location privacy improvement.
iBooks application.

and 100 more improvements as mentioned by Apple website.

Is it worth updating to iOS 4? Many of the major features eg. multi-tasking don't work on iPod Touch 2G. I don't really need some of the new features. I enjoy the improvement on the location feature, the iBooks application. I get back the WiFi notification icon which was missing after I updated to version 3.1.3.

Just update to iOS 4.

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