Monday, June 21, 2010

SingTel hiCard at Malaysia

Singapore and Malaysia discuss to cut mobile roaming charges. Why? The roaming charges are expensive.

Is cheaper to get a local SIM card if you travel to Singapore or Malaysia. I got a hi!Card from SingTel, which is a Singapore SingTel prepaid card.

SingTel hi!Card 10.

When I am back to Malaysia, the SingTel hi!Card is on roaming.

How to use SingTel hi!Card in Malaysia?

Direct call fail, it says all out going call is bar. To call, I have to use this, *131*# eg. *131*60123456789. 60 is Malaysia country code (0)12 is the mobile operator or the area code.

To check balance and expiry date, *133#

To top-up, you don't have to go back to Singapore. You can go to Maxis headquarters, asking for help, because SingTel and Maxis are members of mobile bridge alliance.

You should be able to top-up hiCard through Maxis. I never try that, not sure it is possible, because I found another easier way. Just top-up through SingTel online easy top-up, pay by credit card.

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