Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iPhone 4 unveiled at WWDC 10

Apple Steve Jobs unveiled 4th generation iPhone, the iPhone 4 at Apple WWDC 10 (World Wide Developers Conference 2010) at San Francisco. Is just name as iPhone 4, not iPhone HD as some rumors spread. iPhone 4 support HD video record, not the full HD 1080p but 720p.

iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4
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The new iPhone 4 thickness is just 9.3mm, very slim. Apple change the appearance, no more curve metal cover at the back, but 2 piece of glass at the back and front, rectangle in shape, which provide more space in this slim body. The metal side also act as a antenna. It comes with black and white color.

iPhone 4 support quad band, which include HSPDA up to 7.2Mbps download speed. The iPhone 4 powered by Apple own A4 chip, normally Apple never reveal what type of chip was use in their portable device including iPod and iPhone. This A4 chip claimed to be very power efficient, provide 300 hours of standby time, or 7 hours 3G talk time. These are just official figures, just for a reference. I rather wait till other users review on the battery life.

iPhone 4 use microSIM, as the iPad does. I don't prefer micro-SIM, till it was matured and well support by the mobile network operator. Steve Jobs says the use of micro-SIM will squeeze more space for other parts, but I don't find any other mobile phone that support micro-SIM yet.

Apple introduce Retina Display on iPhone 4, it double the resolution on iPhone, up to 960x640 pixel on a 3.5 inch display. Picture and text will looks better on Retina Display (but much darker), the best part is it still backward compatible with those old application. According to Jobs, with little modification on the application, the effect will be stunning on the Retina Display.

Side track: Steve Jobs encounter network problem with iPhone 4 demo, accessing to NY Times website, later found out it was interfered by too many WiFi devices (should be those portable WiFi station) on the event.

Apple iPhone's display is one of the best in smartphone market, with the new Retina Display, new slim design and other new features like multi-threaded iPhone OS 4 (now call iOS 4), 720p video recording, iMovie video editing software, FaceTime video calls, gyroscope motion sensing for gaming and etc., iPhone 4 left other smartphone competitors far behind.

iPhone 4 only available on 24th June 2010, pre-order start 15th. What about the pricing? USD $199 for 16G iPhone 4, I believe the price came with a contract, but is a very attractive price. iPhone 3GS 8G version will further down to USD $99. I expect Apple sales boost for the next six months time.

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