Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tutorial: Install ubuntu net 10.4 on virtualbox

I just want to try out the Ubuntu Linux net version. It is a slim down version of the Ubuntu desktop version, suitable to install on netbook. I just install it on Sun Virtualbox (now owned by Oracle) to have a try.

I am using Virtualbox 3.1.2, Ubuntu net 10.4.

The system requirement for Ubuntu net is 4Gb hard disk, 512Mb ram.

The following are the procedure to install Ubuntu net 10.4 on Sun Virtualbox:

Step 1: Create a new virtual machine

Hard disk 3.2Gb
Ram 512 Mb
Video ram 4Mb

I just created a 3Gb hard disk for Virtualbox and name it ubuntu-net. This can be done when create a new virtual machine from Virtualbox main menu.

Step 2: Configure the virtual machine to boot from Ubuntu ISO installer file.

Virtualbox - virtual machine - Settings - Storage - IDE controller - CD Rom. Choose the ubuntu ISO file that downloaded from the ubuntu website, for CD/DVD device.

Select Ubuntu installer ISO as the CD/DVD Device

Step 3: Select timezone and keyboard layout.

Step 4: Prepare disk space.
The easiest way is use "Erase and use the entire disk", then goto step 6.

Since I have some Linux installation experience before, I try to partition manually:
256Mb for swap.
The remaining storage for system.

Step 5: New partition table. Select "free space", the "Add...".

Create the main partition

I partition the main storage, so it left about 250Mb for swap, remember to choose root ("/") as the mount point.

Create the swap partition, Primary or Logical is ok.

Swap partition is 250Mb. Since I have less than 4 partition (1 root, 1 swap), I can choose primary or logical. 

After partition. 1 main, 1 swap.

Note: One hard disk can have 4 primary partition, If you have more than 4 partition, just make one of the primary partition as logical partition. You can create more than 4 using logical partition.

Step 6: Create username and password. Start installing...

The installation will take a while

The Ubuntu for netbook has a nice looking interface

This ubuntu net version is one of the best Linux netbook version I ever saw. Nice interface, easy installation and update process, it even came with OpenOffice as well.

If Ubuntu can add in a few more features like the Asus Express Gate, fast system recovery from Xandros (found in EeePC Linux version by pressing F9), that will be good.

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冠毅 said...

1 more ubuntu netbook version called "Ubuntu Moblin Remix".

Still not sure which 1 better