Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why iPad is good

Before iPad release, there are rumors around. Some of my friends ask my opinion on Apple iPad. My prediction on iPad, it can not sell. My prediction is base on the following guessing:

1. iPad is not cheap in price.
2. If it was just used for surfing net, people will use iPhone.

I was wrong and I am not shy to admit that I was wrong. When I see the price tag USD499 for the lowest end iPad, I know that I was wrong.

For USD499, most people don't mind to spend the money to buy an extra Apple product. iPad is not to replace your notebook or netbook, unless you are using your notebook/netbook for surfing Internet only.

The executive like it, in fact they love it. For the last 2 seminar event that I have attended, two of the speakers showing how impress they were, by the Apple iPad. The iPad is portable and easy to use.

The 2 speakers may (or may not) be an Apple fanboy. The truth is iPad is easy to use and hands on, with its touch user interface. A 3 years old kid knows how to use it, in 5 minutes time tutorial. I have seen it with my own eyes.

CNet has a post on the success factors on iPad. It includes factors like battery life, instant on, portable... I totally agree with it.

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