Sunday, August 08, 2010

Visit to PC Fair II August 2010

It was very crowded as usual. They even started to sell more LCD TV at PC Fair, lots of notebooks with different brand and different model, Intel core i3 and i5 is common and available on notebook.

I don't go through all the booths in detail, but just pick a few things which I think is interesting:

Apacer media player. They are selling AL670 and AL460, with offer price and free gifts. AL670 with bittorrent download capability.

Apacer media player
Apacer media player offer.

Both players support video playback for variety of format includes rmvb and mkv. It support soft subtitles (external subtitles), you can adjust the font size of the subtitles. The interface just look like all those China made products. Both model doesn't came with internal storage, a bit disappointed with that.

A RM399 Goozee mini netbook. Is a 7" netbook, normal price selling at RM799, now the offer price is RM399 (about USD125). What OLPC can not deliver, they can do it now.

HP mini 210
7" Gozee mini netbook.

Wimax notebook. I notice Wimax aggressive to partner with notebook companies. A few companies like Lenovo, Asus, MSI and the others came out with Wimax built-in notebook.

Wimax - Lenovo
Wimax with Lenovo notebook.

New antivirus software. Other than Kaspensky, Avira and Trend Micro, I found more new antivirus software eg. TrustPort, ESET NOD32, Quick Heal.

Digi broadband 38 monthly plan. The cheapest plan that I know of, 3Gb quota. For casual users, this broadband package is just nice. Available during promotion period (PC Fair) only.

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