Friday, September 24, 2010

Digi Unlimited Internet 15

The cheap and fast mobile internet time has gone.

There is no more Internet Unlimited 58 package, it was replace with Internet Unlimited 68 (pay RM68 per month). This is still cheap compare with other country, there is a 3G quota for fair internet usage policy. After using the Digi Internet 3G for more than 6 months time, the service quality has drop for the pass few months. I experience line drop and slow internet connection (for the same area) for recent few months.

For casual users, Digi has Internet Unlimited 15 for 7 days access, is very cheap but the 250MB weekly quota and 384Kbps is pathetic.

Look at Singapore Starhub mobile internet prepaid plan:

* Fair usage policy of 2.2GB per day applies for the usage of any MaxMobile Prepaid data plans. StarHub reserves the right to change such usage policy without prior notice to the customers.

3 days SGD10 for 2.0Mbps access, unlimited plan came with fair usage policy of 2.2GB per day.

Starhub plan is one of the cheapest for prepaid mobile broadband. It really outshines other mobile broadband providers.

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