Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foursquare and twitter

Normally I access Foursquare through iPhone application, but today I just access to the Foursquare web page.


It gives me the twitter feel. Foursquare is a location base community website, heavily depends on location. If you do not have GPS-like mobile devices, Foursquare is useless. Where twitter, you are writing micro-blog, nothing much to do with the location.


The way they present it just similar. There are some similarities for both websites. I simply name one, the tips in Foursquare is just tweets.


冠毅 said...

I feel foursquare no privacy.. i can even see stranger fren list in nearby location.

fuyichin said...

I didn't notice that. Have you tried Gowalla, is a newer website, have a better interface.