Monday, December 09, 2013

Digi Super Long Life 365 2013

Super Long Life 365 package cost RM30 (as for now) to validate you number for 365 days. The RM30 will be deducted from the balance and will not converted to talk time.

Digi prepaid has 3 choices, best, easy and smart. Best for call, easy for internet, smart for both.

The confusion part is there are 2 best plan. One is the old DiGi Best Prepaid Hit RM1, another 1 is New Digi Best Prepaid.

The new Digi best prepaid is take effect on December 2012.

To check current plan:
"DiGi Best Prepaid Hit RM1" (old)
"New DiGi Best Prepaid" (new)
(There may be some older prepaid package, but I have no idea what will be the package name)

Check is super long life 365 is available for you: *128*1*7#, reply 3 (Super Long Life):
1 RM5 (30 days)
2 RM30 (365 days)

The super long life 365 is not with the DiGi Best Prepaid Hit RM1 anymore, you must upgrade to "New DiGi Best Prepaid" to enjoy the service.

How to subscribe after switch to New DiGi Best Prepaid?
To activate DiGi Super Long Life via *128#:
Step 1: You must have at least RM35 in your account. (*126# check balance)
Step 2: Dial *128# and then press call.
Step 3: Reply 1 for My Account.
Step 4: Reply 7 for Talktime Services.
(You can use the shortcut code to dial, but since the menu may change, You might choose the wrong option)
Step 5: Reply 3 for Super Long Life.
Step 6: Reply 2 for Super Long Life RM30 (365 days).
* In 2012. There was only 1 option. Reply 1 for Super Long Life 365.
Step 7: Press 1 to confirm that you have selected RM30.00 with 365 days validity.

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