Saturday, December 21, 2013

Maxis Hotlink Free Internet Prepaid 2013

This is quite an innovative plan for free mobile Internet.

Hotlink is Maxis prepaid. It came out with a new prepaid with free Internet. How can it be free? You can not surf in full speed, only at 64kbps. What you can do with 64kbps? Whatsapp, WeChat, facebook etc. There are review saying that Waze can be used as well, but I have to try out the speed performance. (Note: You can subscribe to unlimited Waze for RM1 per day)

You still need to top up the prepaid card, but there is a 50 days of de-active period that you still can use the Internet surfing.

Active and de-active period. After you top up, is the active period. Active period depends on how much you top up, example RM5 active for 5 days. After active period end, you can receive call and sms, but not call out or sending sms, this will be the de-active period. This Hotlink free Internet has a 50 days of de-active period, you can not send SMS, but you are still able to access to Internet. That means you can send Whatsapp with these 50 days without top up.

 [ Top up | -- active period -- | -- de-active period (50days) -- | card expired ]

To prevent the card from expired, you have to top up before de-active period end. Once the card expired, you can not top up anymore. During de-active period, your balance will be freeze, but it will be carry forward to the next top up.

Cost for free mobile Internet. Ideally with 5 active and 50 de-active period, you only need to top up 7 (365/55) times x RM5 per year. Which cost RM35 per annual for 365 days free surfing. The RM35 will still stay in the account balance. Compare with Super Long Life 365 and Validity 365. These are long validity period which cost about RM30 a year. The Hotlink free basic Internet doesn't sounds that bad.

Auto top up. Most people will forgotten to top up every 55 days (so do I). You can subscribe a monthly auto top up, check the detail here.

Subscribe full speed Internet plan. What do you do will all these balance? You still can subscribe to a full speed data plan like RM2 for 100Mb Daily (not auto renew), detail check here. This package is for light users who want to save money but still want to access Internet.

How to get it? You can purchase the new card or existing Hotlink users can change their current plan to this Free Internet Plan. Hotlink Extra/Basic/SMS/Talk Plan/ Hotlink 2.0 & 3.0 can change to Free Internet Plan, excepts Hotlink Youth Club, Hotlink Campus Edition, Hotlink Broadband, Hotlink Sabah/Sarawak/Terengganu/Kelantan Plan. (Wow! I didn't notice there are so many Hotlink)

The key will be the 64kbps. Will 64kbps enough for Whatsapp and facebook? I will let you all know if I have the change to try out.

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