Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to share location and pick up with Waze 2013 December

Waze is a GPS navigation software available on iPhone iOS and Android system. Waze just updated their mobile apps with a new interface, which looks cleaner and easier to access.

Remember to turn off (menu lower right button) before exit

Starts with very simple 4 buttons menu:
1. Navigate to target location.
2. Setting, foursquare check-in etc.
3. Send ETA, share location.
4. Inbox

Turn off Waze before exit on the menu power button.

Tutorial. This simple tutorial just shows you how to share your location or request a location of a pick up point.

Share location. There are a few ways to share location with Waze.

1. From (any point on) the Waze map, press and hold on the location (for sharing) until a marker pop up. Click info icon, then the "More" icon at the bottom, Send a Location. You can share the location with mobile text or email. The share url will be something like this

1. point the location to share

2. Click more, Send a Location.

2. Share my current location (or destination). Click the lower left button, menu pop up. Choose Send ETA > Send a location > My location (or My Destination).

To pick up someone. Send a pick up request, once the other side authorize your pick up, you will be notified. To send a pick up request, swipe the lower left button to the right, click "Send location request".

Send ETA. While you driving to the pick up, you can send ETA, the receiver can track you on the road, estimate when you will be arrived. The tracking will off after you turn off Waze, or you can turn off manually by a simple 2 clicks action.

To send ETA, click the lower left button, a menu pop up, click Send ETA (refer to the picture below), Share Drive, with mobile text or email.

Turn off ETA following. When someone following your ETA, the Waze menu button turn yellow color. Number showing followers who is following your ETA now.

iOS Waze 3.7.7 shows ETA following

To terminate following just click on the red button above Stop Nav will do.

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