Saturday, April 26, 2014

Impact of Internet technology to publishing industry

A few weeks ago, I have blogged about the impact of Internet technology to movie industry (refer here, Chinese blog). This time I am going to take it one step further, the Internet impact to music, TV broadcasting, printing and publishing.

Let's start with audio. The iPod and iTunes has changed the music industry. Consumers don't buy music CDs, they purchase music from online store. Consumers buy music online with single songs, not the full album. The podcast is a Internet offline broadcasting through iPod (or mp3 devices), audio streaming services like Pandora take one step further, live audio broadcast through Internet. This is the pass.

This similar things happen to the TV broadcast industry. Video streaming services (eg. Netflix, YouTube) will threaten and changed the existing TV industry. The TV series "House of Cards" was premiered on Netflix, not on the traditional TV broadcast channel.

In traditional publishing industry, many book store has closed down, losing their business to online book store like Amazon. The Washington Post, one of the oldest newspaper, sold to Jeff Bezos (Founder of in year 2013, after a tremendous in year 2012. Not just for newspaper industry, same thing will happen to magazine and book publishing. The publishing business will never like before.

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