Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Submit Income Tax with LHDN website

You should have submitted your personal income tax by today. If you have not submitted, you have one more change to submit by electronic form before 15 May 2014. (Read here)

If you are new to LHDN e-filing, you need some help to register an electronic account with LHDN.

Once you have the login access (means the username and password), you can access to e-filing:
1. Desktop.
2. Mobile site.

I suggest your last submission for the income tax filing should be done on desktop version, as the mobile site didn't allow you to save the filing as a PDF file.

If you just want to get things done and doesn't want to keep any record, you can complete the filing from both website.

The good:
1. The e-filing has improved from using PDF file to html website filing.
2. They even have a mobile friendly site (since 2012, refer tweet here).

The bad:
1. Can't save PDF file if submit from mobile site.
2. Once submitted you can not access the record anymore. That means, if you don't save the PDF file right after you have submitted, you can't do that anymore. I will prefer e-filing open up to 7 years of record to be accessed.

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