Tuesday, March 08, 2005

firefox 1.0 with Java plugins

osx panther
Earlier I have some problem with running Java plugins(v1.4) in firefox (v1.0) browser, so I disable the java plugins in my firefox. Since these people suggest to use java 1.5, I download the 1.5 (finally!) from sun java site. The reason, why I don't like the new java, because my applet was develop on java version 1.1, and new java take up too much hard disk space. jre 1.5 (without compiler) 86M jdk-1.3.1_13 (with compiler) 58M This is a lot of difference. Anyway java 1.5 is working ok with my firefox browser on my Mandrake 10(Linux) now. So remove away the java 1.4, is useless.

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