Friday, March 11, 2005

PenDrive driver for Windows 95 and Linux

I have a usb driver for windows 95 but never use before, yesterday I just try to install to a Windows 95 operating system, hopefully it will work, but unfortunately it can detect the usb chipset but not the PenDrive. PenDrive or FlashDrive, is just a usb storage. Since the driver is not working, I just simple remove it from windows, but it corrupt the vmm32.vxd file, results the machine can't boot anymore, I simple copy a vmm32.vxd file from another machine, it just don't work. It spend me another extra 2 hours to find the proper vmm32.vxd file to get the system up again! In Linux, you just need to need to enable 1. the chipset (USB Support, UHCI or OHCI, just try 1 which will work) 2. USB mass storage (module name usb-storage.o) (may be you need to enable scsi support too) I am using kernel 2.4.x, it work. I never give up windows 95, I believe there may be a patch or update for the usb storage driver.


Thomas said...

any reason sticking to Windows95?

fuyichin said...

no. just legacy software on legacy system. It retired yesterday.