Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Not Just Java!

Eight year ago, I want to learn java programming, at that time, no broadband, connection to internet is expensive, so I decide to buy buy a java book. There is quite a number of books about java from Sun Press, I know nothing about them, but I need 1, so buy the cheapest java book, and it look so thick. I am so happy and go back. I flip through the thick java book, can't understand and is so boring, I just put it on book shelf for showing off, and never read it again! The book call 'Graphic Java' (AWT). Obviously I bought the wrong book, that shuold be the last book I should bought among all the java books from Sun Press. Even though java is version 1.5 now, all those java book are still valid(80%?), except this 'Graphic Java', because java is using SWING for it GUI and not AWT since java 1.2. Few years after, I pick up java from friends and the 21 days series book. The Sun Press series are still good, so my advice for those who want to pick up java, read these books from Sun Press:- Just Java, get some knowledge about java development, a very good book to start with Core Java, get deeper into java programming Java by example, I don't think this is a good book(at lest for me), it just in the series Graphic Java, this the the book that I bought, you may need it or may not. If you need it, buy the SWING version. Not Just Java, an interesting book about java history, for developer and manager. Just go to, you will find these books.