Saturday, March 05, 2005

RedHat/MYOSS (join) March Meetup, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 3 March 2005
Vanue: Training Choice office

I drive to city after work, reach Training Choice office(MUI Plaza) about 7.15pm.

This is the 2nd meetup host in Training Choice office, and is a join meetup of redhat and myoss.

Today we have 2 presentation, "CLI tricks" from Ow (Mun Heng) and "network cabling (basic)" from Yeak.

We start about 7.30pm after the presenter ready. Silvia(Training Choice) has a "ice breaking" game for us, Ow won the price, eventhough I complained, but I think Ow is qualified for that. :)

There is about 20 people attended, I can't remember everyone's name, almost half are first time to the training choice office. Jason(MYOSS organizer) miss the previous meetup, but he attended this time, Miguel(from US), Izak, William, Cheung Long and other new faces, sorry I can't name you all here.

Ow's presentation on "CLI tricks" start 8.05pm end about 9.00pm, everyone was give 15 minutes, but he is over time, I have to signal him to speed up his presentation(and he got the signal!), make sure everyone can go back on time.

Ow suggest we can upload the presentation slide on the internet, so it will be on the internet soon.

Yeak's presentation on "network cabling", something new and interesting to me, because I never do cabling myself, he show us how to clam a network socket on the presentation.

If you miss out yeak's presentation, you can always refer here.

We have a discussion on the vanue, the conclusion is we will still stick to Training Choice for sometime, because the member may have problems with new location.

Silvia update us, there will be some free and short(3 hours?) courses for linux beginners, I just glance through the content topics, I think is a good start for new linux users, if interested you need to register, check out with Training Choice office.

Ow thrown out a question for the fist timer here. Miguel get a notification from meetup when he change his location from Washinton to Malaysia, but he never attended any meetup while he was is Washinton. Cheung Long and SledgeHammer get to know this meetup from low yat forum. Jason do a good job on advertising the meetup.

Other discussion that I miss out, Ow has a detail blog.

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