Friday, April 15, 2005 is not free anymore

Everyone knows about it, and has establish.

Hi Meetup Organizer -- We have some important news to share with you about new features and required monthly Group Fees.

The news even came out from slashdot (/.). They will collect 19/month from the organizer and normal member are still free (but might not be in the futures).

Some people comment, the software (web services) they provide are poorly written, 19/month is expensive.

This is true, for a charge service, they should provide a better software, more stable and with more functions. is a place where people are free to login and register, join in local interest group, where you can meet with the others who have common interest face to face. Currently redhat (KL) meetup use the service there, but is not difficult to move it out later. provide
- member registration
- create venue and events
- registration for events
- poll
- forum
- track active members

A few problems with
- can't search by meetup time
- can't limit the number of user register to a event (limit by the location)

(and many more, just lazy to write it down here.)

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