Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Redhat/MYOSS join meetup April 2005

This a great success, about 30 members attended, we have to squeeze in to fit into the room. The 2 presentation is informative:-

1. "Virtual Server", by Khairil
2. "Asterisk, Opensource PABX", by Ditesh

The Asterish demo is interesting, live demo with the "China Phone" & "India Phone", oh is really working, no joking!

The presentation is uploaded here.

After the 2 presentation, Ow review his secret project, since he told me the website is not up yet, just wait for his public announcement, it should be interesting. Good work Ow.

Linus Lai is here(absent on the previous meetup), and he keep joking during and after the presentation, make the meetup lively. Some people comment, we are joking too much, but even though we are laughing, but we are serious.

The attendence list is here:

fuyichin(rh meetup organizer), jason(myoss meetup organizer), silvia(T. Choice), khairil(speaker 1), ditesh(speaker 2, a6?), Kenneth Teh, Noor Azman(Mara Polytech, CS), Samuel Kan(student and youngest) and his father, Alex Lam, Lee Yoong Wgon, Peter Moo, Callista, Pun E-Ken, Eddie, cheung loong, yeak(myDir), csyeow, Lee Poh Boon, Aizat(APIIT), Tommy Chui, kian meng, Paul Ooi, Chua Kia Nee, William Gan, Poh (Yong Meng), Ow (Mun Heng, Nik, lotso), Chan (Min Wai), Linus Lai, freon.

May be this is the time where the meetup group should brain storm where we are going to, in the future.

photo of the (official) redhat meetup is here.

photos host in UNDP.

For the detail of the meetup blog, please check Ow's blog, but seems like he didn't blog the event this time.

We leave Training Choice office about 10pm. Ditesh, Khairil, Jason, Ow, fuyichi, and a few of the others went to a mamak store near by, continue chit-chat. We all left at 11:45pm.

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