Thursday, April 14, 2005

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Launch, in Malaysia

The event is at le Meridian, near KL Sentral. I was lost, and late for the event, reach about 10am(the event start at 9am). Silvia serving at the registration counter, and I meet with Tanya(Red Hat Channel Manager, ASEAN) for the 1st time, after I heard about her name since this January. Tanya base in Singapore, since Red Hat do not have a office in Kuala Lumpur(since Hew left), Singapore became a regional office in this area. Should read about "Should we be surprised?" from, I see the report before but can't find it on Singapore business week now, cnet news is here. Yeak(MyDir) have setup a booth for showcase too, but don't really have much time to talk with him, and take a look the product. Surprisingly I meet Chin Fah, he has been busy travelling for the pass few months and skip the meetup events, may be he will be joing in June event. Jude(CSN), just pass by me and don't have any chances to chat with him. The event (not in detail):- 10:00 to 11:00am Quak(Redhat) talk on rhel4, there are 2 main things about the new version of redhat enterprise linux; linux kernel 2.6 and Security (SE). Speaker from IBM, go through very fast, you can get the software from (refreshment break) 11:15am to 12:00pm Quak show the redhat desktop, and show us the installation of the redhat software on a VMWare. Someone ask Quak some interesting question about Tao(?) Linux, Quak answer is they are allow to do so, but they can't relate the product to redhat's name. I don't really get the name Tao, but there is whitebox linux which re-compile from rhel sources. Speaker from intel talks about linux on intel platform. Is a half day session and nothing much, just to meet some people there, nothing much. The refreshment is good, the fried chicken wing is nice, but finish fast, only grap 1, and I feel a bit hungry now.

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