Saturday, April 30, 2005

OS X Tiger launch

osx pantherJust came back from Apple center, OS X Tiger (10.4.x) launch. Demo a few things:-

spotlightSpotlight A desktop searching tools, very powerful.

dashboardDashboard Is just small application, most important is the services. e.g. dictionary, weather...

Safari RSS
You know RSS, I don't know.
(demo screen saver is able to show RSS news feed)
Smart folder
link all you search result into a folder.

Apple consistently show the effort on seem-less integration of application with user interface. The presentation is not very attractive, definitely can't beat Steve Jobs. Later, I talk with the presenter--Jason, he just first day working there, another Apple fanatic.

The event start late, though they have refreshment, just drinks, no food, very hungry now. The door gift is just a pen and a neck strip, I though there is a T-shirt, very disappointing. A low budget launch, even lower than local independent movie, but the OS X Tiger pricing not low, offer price is RM499!

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