Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cinema ticket online

People still don’t get use of online technology?

I though I am going to work on Palm programming, but didn’t. I went for the movie ‘King Kong’ (2005, by Peter Jackson), is hard to get movie tickets from Mid-Valley and KLCC cinemas, is a long queue during holiday seasons.

directed by Peter Jackson, 2005. Is the re-make of the 1933 'King Kong' and not the 1975.

Finally get the ticket from Amcorp Mall cinema, you don’t need to queue up for a ticket, and they don’t use computerize ticketing system like GSC or TGV, they use paper and pen to mark the seats and movie tickets.

Someone should sell a ticketing system to them, but after I thought over again, if the current system works for them, they do not need another system, until their business expanded.

The second question in my mind, since there is online booking system available, like cinemaonline, why people still queue up for hours to buy movie tickets? Is just wasting time queue up at the ticket counter there. The truth is I don’t use online ticketing system too, because normally I don’t go for a movie during peak season.

I suspect a lot of people have book the tickets, but did not turn up and collect the tickets. I hope there is a better system, easier to use, can buy ticket through PDA or mobiles, cut down the long queue. For those people who are not familiar with computerize system, they can stick with the traditional (queue) system.

Singapore Golden Village Multiplexes, use Red Hat Enterprise Linux system as their booking system (replace the earlier Windows Server), may be the volume of their online booking is bigger.

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