Friday, December 16, 2005

One Touch Treo

palmYesterday night, having a chit-chat session with a friend during dinner time. He shows me his Palm Treo 600 smartphone. He show me the sms reader, which display the sms like a instant messenger chat session, access to phone, sms, camera function is so easy, by pressing 1 or 2 button will do. Treo 600 is running PalmOS version 5 on ARM cpu (it should be Texas Instruments OMAP ARM core cpu), I notice there is a PalmOne name on the device. Palm have taken out the ‘One’ and change back to their old name (Palm, and just Palm only). There is a newer and better Treo 650, with better colors and higher resolution display. treo650 I don’t really like the idea of mixing PDA function with a phone (but seems like it will be a trend). For Treo itself, I don’t like the keyboard and the antenna, but the Treo is a very impressive smartphone. It is one of the best selling among all their Palm products (Treo 600 sold out one million), there must be some reasons for it. Link:- The-gadgeteer review (600) CNet Asia editor’s rating as 9 out of 10! theregister review for Treo 600. Review of Treo 650 on mobiletracker.

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