Saturday, December 31, 2005

Can't Skypeout

skypeI didn't notice that after I have upgrade the Skype to a later version ( on my OS X, I can't Skypeout again. Not just Skypeout, I can't make skype call to my friend online.

I thought is the new Skype problem, but I have deleted the older version from my hard disk, so I upgrade to the beta version (1.4), and is not working too.

When skypeout it just keep show connecting, but I can't hang up the call.

When skype to online friends, it shows 'Playback error'.

My friend told me could be the sound setting, but all my application is working ok except the Skype, but I remember I install a soundflower software which can redirect the audio to another application, I though I can use it as my skype recorder.

After i uninstall the soundflower using OS X Package Manager, the skype is working again, including skypeout, seems like skype confuse with sunflower.

Soundflower is an open source software.

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