Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reading: about palmsource

itweek (6 Oct 2005), is the end in sight for Palm OS? My view: It depends on how good and how fast the next version of palm os, but I don't see a sign of the end of palm os. (21 Oct 2005), Palm OS Is NOT Dead (2004), Inverview with George Hoffman on PalmOS 6 sideways shuffle to Linux (2005 Feb). My comment after reading:- Is PalmSource has no clear goal? or they didn't announce? PalmOS is a mixture of Linux, BeOS and PalmOS itself. Take a look at what MacOS (OS X) does, with Mach kernel, unix (BSD) like services runs on top, improve (Aqua) interface from old MacOS, backward compatible with OS 9, and slowly phase out in the future, it is clear. May be they should focus on the PalmOS user interface, runs on Linux, Symbian or whatever kernel.

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