Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Apple Boot Camp

Apple Boot Camp
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What is this Boot Camp? Boot Camp is a software release by Apple Computer, in the next release of Mac OS X operating system version 10.5(Leopard), allow users to install Windows XP (SP2) on Intel Mac.

apple boot camp
Boot Camp, install Windows on Intel Mac

Earlier there is a hacking competition to install Windows operating system on Intel Mac, a user 'narf' came out with a method to install Windows on Intel Mac. (see here). There is screen shoot in flickr too.
A photo on 

Flickr A photo on 

Flickr A photo on 


Is hard to imagine, Apple Computer release such a software, because Apple always insist on their own software and hardware.

This is a hot news on CNet and some Mac Podcast news. I am not so excited about Windows on Mac, but OS X on (other) Intel base computer.

Mac users are so proud of using Apple product. Compare with the IBM compatible PC in 80s, Macintosh has higher resolution display, a better (Motorola) CPU, a cool user interface, even the single reading head apple disk drive is better (for some mac users). Ok, the last one is a joke, but we know many of the reason why Macintosh is better, is not true for today. The user interface experience of MacOS user interface (which is the software) make it different from the others.

Anyway, Mac users will have more choices in operating system, with OS X, Linux and Windows.

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