Saturday, April 29, 2006

roar out loud

is all about web 2.0

After I introduced Google AdSense to most of my friends, they just look at me with no expression on their face, like asking me, "So?"

I ask, "Don't you feel excited with it?" Ya I don't think so.

When I show to the others, some of them just replied, what so special? Is just a photo management website.

When I introduce Google Calendar to my friends, some of them can't wait until I finish and walk away.

This time when I try to tell others about meebo, I am more careful. I am asking myself, am I short sighted? or some of them just miss out the important milestone of the internet.

They are web 2.0, but not just about technology, is how they design it. Java script exist for many years, now its power was unleashed.

Some people ask me how meebo make money? Why ask me? Ask them. There are many possibilities to get profited and they have to prove it.

meebo is not the first web base instant messenger, at-least there was already an, but it is not so responsive. I don't know how far meebo can go, but is excited to know.

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